Frustration is found forever, from the impression of being free.

Free from finite limitations is impossible, why can’t we see?

We live inside machines, a rationalised distraction.

Batted around by what’s on-screen, exploited by the abstraction.

In what animals use each day, gadgets replace our valuable trust.

Worshiping the clocks, our bodies start to rust.

Living for the future, thinking, working, kneeling.

Trapped in a vicious circle, not guided by what we are feeling.

The intellectual space race creates robots for the first two words.

When our brains become obsolete, do the machines compute the third?

We wake when we are born, move into sleep when we die.

Going to bed at night a mere nap, a break in having to try.

Death’s a welcome release, when the body is used, old and frail.

Like finally sitting down, after working tooth and nail.

Uncage who you think you are, work, follow your body’s energy.

Feel and believe its direction because it’s through love we’ll all be free.